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We are primarily concerned with the environment and pollution of water. We provide chemicals for treatment of wastewater, sludges, raw water, boiler water, cooling water, and swimming pool.


Multi kleen Multipurpose(MA3150) -General purpose detergent for cleaning operation.
Tender kleen Hand Soap(MA3020) -Luxury washing lotion with mild detergent.
Power kleen Oven Cleaner(MA5711) -Designed for oven,fryers,greasy vents & grills, etc.
Super kleen Alkaline Degreaser(MA5214) -Universal power cleaner.
Safe kleen Sanitizer Liquid(MA21SF) -Cleaning, disinfection & deodorization for hosipital
Magic kleen Sanitizer Powder(MA4910) -As cleaner, sanitizer & deodoriser for catering industry.


Fresh kleen Air Fresherner(MA3310) -Remove foul odour by reacting & neutralises the odour.
Pine kleen Pine disinfectant(MA1070) -Specially for food preparation area.
Shine kleen Window cleaner(MA3180) -Spray cleaning for glass,window,mirror, streak free finish.
Complete kleen General purpose(MA4687) - Neutral pH, cleaning, disinfection & deodorization.


Mackleen Carwash -Extra cleaning value for motor & car surfaces.
Mackleen Multipurpose -Designed for cleaning floors, walls, pots & pans, mosaic stain etc.
Mackleen Polishine -To clean, shine & protect auto tires, plastics, rubber, wood & leather.
Mackleen Dishwash -Concentrated dishwashing liquid, but non corrosive to hands.
Mackleen Floorwash -3 in 1 ,will remove dirts,disinfects and deodorizes.
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