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ACCOTREAT B600 is a scale and sludge inhibitor designed primarily for steam boilers to prevent build-up of deposits of hardness or of iron and other metallic oxides originating from corrosion of condensate systems.

ACCOTREAT B600 is based on a synergistic blend of sodium polyacrylate and sodium organophosphonate and works by bonding iron in solution by a chelating action and/or (depending on boiler water pH) dispersing precipitated metallic salts.

  • Inhibits scale formation.
  • Keeps metals in solution.
  • Disperses deposits.
  • May be dosed direct from drum.


Appearance …………………….. Clear liquid
Specific gravity ………………….. 1.1
pH as supplied ..………………… 10 - 11


ACCOTREAT B600 is normally maintained at concentrations between 100 and 500 ppm in the boiler water. The correct treatment level for deposit prevention depends on operating conditions such as the pH, operating pressure and the number of concentrations. The optimum treatment level for any plant will be specified by us..

The viscosity of ACCOTREAT B600 allows it to be handled by conventional dosing pumps without dilution but it may be diluted if desired.

ACCOTREAT B600 is not corrosive to mild steel mixing tanks or dosage pump in concentrated or in diluted form and may be pumped direct from the container using equipment in steel or plastic.


All statements, information and data presented herein are believed to be accurate and reliable but are not to be taken as a guarantee, expressed warranty or implied warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose or representation, expressed or implied, for which seller assumes legal responsibility and they are offered solely for your consideration, investigation and verification. Statements or suggestions concerning possible use of this product are made without representation or warranty that any such use is free of patent infringement and are not recommendations to infringe on any patent. Date 06/01/97

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