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Scale Solvent is for use up to 90° C. It is highly effective for removing hardness deposits iron oxides from a wide variety of heat exchange units. This solvent must not be used where stainless steel, galvanising, tinning and soft solder are present.


Appearance……………………… Amber liquid
Specific gravity…………………... 1.15
Flammability………………..……. Non-inflammable


A sample of scale should, if possible, be removed from the plant and placed in a 1:5 dilution of Scale Solvent in water. If cleaning is to be carried out at high temperature, then the test should be carried out at the same temperature, under like conditions. For light, soft scales, a 1:10 dilution is often satisfactory depending on the quality of scale present.


Scale Solvent is toxic and acidic. Suitable protective clothing and goggles should be worn. Splashes in the eye or skin should immediately be washed with plenty of clean water. Always add solvent to water, not water to solvent. Do not use above 90° C.

PACKING Scale Solvent is available in 25-liter carboys.


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