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Product Description

ACCOTREAT CW4 is designed for scale and corrosion inhibition in open recirculating system. Its formulation is composed of dispersants, polymers and corrosion inhibitors which provides an extremely powerful corrosion and scale inhibiting effect.

ACCOTREAT CW4 also disperses iron oxides and airborne particulate matter. It is a multiduty treatment which provides effective equipment protection with minimal environmental impact.

Composition     :              Modified sodium polyacrylate, phosphonate and corrosion inhibitor.
Appearance       :             Clear, slightly amber liquid.
S.G. @ 20oC     :             ~ 1.1 g/ml.
PH                       :             Alkaline.

Range of Application

ACCOTREAT CW4 is most suitable for so called alkaline treatment at high cycles of concentration operations. It forms stable and strong corrosion inhibitive film on the metal surface. It is stable even at high cycles of concentration and with long retention time. It contains no heavy metals or other harmful substances.

Application Dosage

ACCOTREAT CW4 is fed continuously, neat or diluted to the make-up water at 10 to 30 ppm by using dosing pumps. For pretreatment, maintain 100-200 ppm of corrosion inhibitor in the cooling water for 1-2 days . For maintenance dosage, maintain 50-150 ppm of ACCOTREAT CW4 in the cooling water. Optimum dosage is determined by water quality and conditions of operation.

Handling and Storage

Wear rubber gloves and goggles when handling. Keep in cool dry place in closed container.


25 kg. drums

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