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• KOAGEN 101


KOAGEN 101 is a special basic salt of aluminium blended to give a much stronger coagulating and flocculating power than ordinary aluminium and iron salts. Its liquid nature enhances its activity and ease of solubility. KOAGEN 101 is simple to handle, store and dose, since the solution can be diluted with water to any desired concentration and these operations can be easily automated. KOAGEN 101 strongly coagulates substances suspended or colloidally dispersed in water to produce good flocs which settle rapidly to form an easily filterable sludge. The use of KOAGEN 101 rather than alum produces less voluminous sludge.


Appearance……………………… Light amber liquid
Specific gravity………………..…. 1.3
pH………………………….……. 4 - 5


KOAGEN 101 is normally dosed as a dilute solution of 10 to 20%. The best treatment dosage will have to be determined through jar tests conducted on a regular basis. Your ACCOT representative will assist you in obtaining the best performance from the product.


The product has a low order of toxicity but may be irritating to skin or eyes due to its acidic nature. Splashes should be washed immediately with plenty of fresh water.

KOAGEN 101 is available in 30 kg and 250 kg drums.

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