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We are primarily concerned with the environment and pollution of water. We provide chemicals for treatment of wastewater, sludges, raw water, boiler water, cooling water, and swimming pool.

Change Of Company Name

1. Why do we need to change our name?

A founder shareholder (Mr K H Tan),who coined the name “Mackim”, sold off his shareholdings in Mackim Chemicals Sdn. Bhd., and by a previous “gentlemen agreement” it was agreed that the company should changed its name if Mr K H Tan is no longer a shareholder of the company.

The change of name is also necessary to reflect the growth of our business towards a more comprehensive range of products and services.  

2. Is your change of name related to any legal issues?

No, we have no legal issue against us pending.  The company is not facing any court case against us.  We are also financially stable with no abnormal liabilities.

3. Why choose Accot Technologies Sdn. Bhd.?

We believe that the key to progress in today’s k-economy is the utilization and deployment of technologies.  Our business is to employ technologies from various disciplines, and apply them to solve problems in wastewater, waste sludges, and other environmental problems.

We act as technologies integrator for today’s environmental needs.

4. What does Accot stand for?

Accot is an acronym for Advance Chemistry & Chemical Oriented Technologies.

5. Are there any changes in your key management personnel?

No, there are no major changes in the key management team.

6. Are there any changes in your business activities?

Our business activities continue to evolve, and we have expanded our products and services.  Continual improvement will be adopted.

7. Are there any new policies in dealing with you customers?

No.  Our policy remains as always:  “We are committed to customers’ satisfaction”.

8. Are there any impact that will affect your services such as invoicing and delivery?

No.  There should not be any impact as this involves only a change of name.  As a legal entity, we have not change.  We are still the same company, but with a new name.  

9. When was your name changed officially?

The Companies Commission of Malaysia approves the change of name under the Companies Act 1965, Section 23(2) on the 10th. August, 2002.

We announce our name change in phases starting 1st. October, 2002 to coincide with the beginning of our new financial year.  

10. Is Accot Technologies Sdn. Bhd. related to the Mackim Group of Companies?

With the change of shareholdings, there is now no legal relation to the Mackim Group of Companies.  

11. Is Accot Technologies Sdn. Bhd. part of any group of companies?

No.  However we will in the future form the Accot Group with the following stable of companies:

a) Accot Chemicals Sdn. Bhd. – a company based in Johor that specialises in providing chemicals mainly for the southern region of Malaysia.

b) Accot Sdn. Bhd. – a company specialising in marketing of institutional chemicals, and medical products.

c) Exotic Chemicals Sdn. Bhd. – a company based in Penang specialising in providing chemicals and services mainly for the northern region of Malaysia.


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