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We are primarily concerned with the environment and pollution of water. We provide chemicals for treatment of wastewater, sludges, raw water, boiler water, cooling water, and swimming pool.

Hichlon 70G
Hichlon 70G is a white granular compound containing calcium hypochlorite as the principal ingredient.  It is specially purified to enable it to be used in swimming pools without clouding the water.  It is a rapid acting disinfectant providing a safe environment for swimming and recreational activities.

Hichlon TC90
TC 90 is a white granular compound with a content of 90% chlorine available. It is being used as a swimming pool sanitizer.

Tab Plus
Tab Plus is a tablet compound designed for slow release of chlorine into the water.

Algitrol C
Algitrol C is a powerful algaecide specially formulated for control of algae growth in ponds, lakes and swimming pools.  It is particularly useful in tropical climates where there is plenty of sunlight and warm temperatures.

MK Tile Cleaner
This product is specially formulated to remove stubborn stains due to algae growth and other staining agents.

Pool Clarifier Solution - Koagen 101
Pools which turns turbid (cloudy) due to fine suspended solids may be clarified using Koagen 101.  The addition of Koagen 101 will cause suspended solids to agglomerate and grow in size so that they may settle faster, rendering the pool clear again.

pH Remedy Plus
pH Remedy Plus is used to increase the pH of pools and spas whenever the pH of the water turns acidic

pH Remedy Minus
pH Remedy Minus is used to reduce the pH of pools and spas whenever the pH of the water becomes too alkaline


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