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We are primarily concerned with the environment and pollution of water. We provide chemicals for treatment of wastewater, sludges, raw water, boiler water, cooling water, and swimming pool.


  • Koagen 215 - This coagulant is used where  tolerance towards pH fluctuation is desirable
  • Koagen 101 - This product is superior to aluminium sulphate and is used when better coagulation properties are desirable
  • Koagen 90FC - This aluminium-free product is especially useful in treating coloured wastewater, eg. wastewater from coffee processing plants
  • Coag 577 - This is a highly charged, low molecular weight organic polymer is useful as a replacement for inorganic coagulants
  • Aluminium sulphate - This is a common, low-priced coagulant
  • Polyaluminium chloride - This coagulant has the advantage of a wider pH working range.
  • Ferric chloride - This is also a common coagulant
  • Ferrous sulphate - This coagulant is generally used in special cases

Flocculants / Polymers / Polyelectrolytes

  • P-Floc - This is a series of polymers with different molecular weights and charge densities and charge types.  Selection of the correct product for your application will be determine by members of the Mackim Technical Team after conducting various tests on your wastewater
  • Polyacrylamide - This is a special range of polymers suitable for flocculation in the clarification of wastewater
  • Polyamines - This range of products are true liquid products and are easily misible with water
  • PolyDADMAC - This range of products are superior for clarification in certain types of water


  • Bakwira - This is a range of products containing bacterial cultures specifically selected and adapted to degrade a wide range of organic waste
  • Bacfood - This range of products are specially formulated to provide macronutrient and micronutrient to promote active growth of microorganisms

C.O.D.  Removal

  • Oxychlor 10 - This is a liquid oxidizing agent used in wastewater treatment to remove Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), colour and some harmful chemicals
  • CB 15 - This powder product remove COD and some organic pollutants from wastewater

Heavy Metal Precipitant  

  • Metafloc M - This product is highly effective in reducing soluble metals to very low levels in wastewater


  • Defoamers
    • Antifoam 9000 - This product controls foam in wastewater treatment systems
    • Antispumin,WA, GH
  • AC 9823 Anti Chlorine - This is a special blend of chemical used to remove chlorine in wastewater
  • Sodium Hypochlorite - This product is normally used as a coagulant; however it is also applied in systems where removal of smell due to hydrogen sulphide gas is desirable
  • S 30 Gas Neutralizer - This product is useful whenever flocs floats up in settling clarifiers due to excessive entrain gases
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